Pak intruder shot dead by BSF in Rajasthan


A man(Pak intruder) attempting to cross into Indian territory from Pakistan. He was shot dead late Monday night by brave Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers stationed at the international border in Rajasthan adjoining Karanpur in Sri Ganganagar.

A senior BSF officer confirmed that the incident took place at 14 S village. Near the Harmukh check post in Sriganganagar.

Pakistan Rangers have refused to accept the body of the unknown Pak intruder. Who tried to enter Indian territory on the previous day, according to sources.

A senior officer confirmed that the incident occurred at 14 S village near the Harmukh check post in Sri Ganganagar city of Rajasthan.

“Alert BSF troops neutralized an intruder coming from Pakistan at the international border near Harmukh check post on Monday. The intruder crossed over to the Indian side and started moving toward the fence. The body recovered during the search operation,” he said on Monday.

The BSF troops on patrolling duty warned the intruder not to move forward. but he added he did not pay any heed and kept moving towards the fence.

The troops later fired and neutralized the intruder and foiled the infiltration attempt, the official added, mentioning that the area has been cordoned off and a search operation is underway.

“We have informed Pakistan rangers about the incident but they are verifying the identity of the intruder. If they refuse to accept the body then it cremated as per protocol. We are waiting for official confirmation or denial from the Pakistan side,” he said.

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