Spiritleaf Scarborough, based in Toronto, emerges as one of the most sought-after cannabis stores in recent times. – Casey Weekly


Founded by millennial entrepreneur Jasper Ly, it has been on a constant growth pedestal since its launch.

No matter how much ever we speak about a few professionals and entrepreneurs walking their way to the top, it still feels many more discussions are needed around them for other upcoming talents to understand their brilliance and know their genius. What has attracted more attention to these entrepreneurs is how well they have survived and then thrived in industries known for too many established names and brands. We couldn’t help but notice how entrepreneur Jasper Ly did the same in the world of cannabis and launched his unique cannabis store in Toronto, Canada, called Spiritleaf Scarborough. Coming up with the idea of starting a cannabis store in Canada, executing the idea, and delivering on the promise wasn’t an easy task, but Jasper Ly showed his excellence as a young and determined entrepreneur.

Jasper Ly grew up as any other local kid in Toronto, who had no inch of an idea how to navigate his way to the top in the entrepreneurial world, but life did present him with incredible opportunities, and he too created new opportunities for him as he grew to become a part of the vast and ever-evolving cannabis industry. He made his dreams a reality when he opened one of the first dispensaries in Scarborough, Toronto. Today, Spiritleaf Scarborough has grown as a community which also believes in giving back, being a force for good, and showing people how excellent the power of this plant is.

As a millennial entrepreneur, Jasper Ly took massive risks in his journey to achieve his desired success in the Canadian cannabis space and struggled to survive. However, despite the cut-throat competition in space, they survived and succeeded. This has turned many heads around Spiritleaf Scarborough and Jasper Ly as the owner. Spiritleaf Scarborough is today an independent franchised store that is locally owned and locally staffed, catering specifically to its community.

The brand (@spiritleafs) has also attained massive achievements like Community Spirit Award Winner 2020 and Spiritleaf “ADCANN Retailer Of The Year Award” 2021. Jasper Ly was also recognized by the Canadian Franchise Association in a well-known media outlet.

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