Best Coworking Spaces in Noida


The economy is slowly unlocking and with this, the need for suitable work space is increasing. Although most organizations these days prefer to work from home in a traditional office, there are companies that cannot function without a proper workspace and therefore, it is important to start looking for the perfect space where you can take your company to the pinnacle of success. . And so, we have compiled a list of some amazing coworking spaces in Noida that you must book right away. Let’s get to the list!

1. SQL CoWorking, Noida

Our workspaces are creatively designed to enhance the productivity of your employees. These workspaces are available at numerous prime locations across Noida. Here you can work as well as collaborate. If you are looking for coworking spaces in Noida, we are the perfect choice for you.

Visit: SQL CoWorking, Noida

Phone No: +91 88003 69334

2. 22WorGreen Eco Coworkz, Noida

Looking for coworking space in Noida Sector 63? ​​Green Eco Coworks helps you in finding the perfect shared office space that suits your needs the best. It has excellent connectivity to Sector-62 Metro Station and other various modes of public transport. No matter whether you want the shared office space for a day, month or for longer periods, Green Eco Coworks has a coworking plan for you.

Visit: 22WorGreen Eco Coworkz, Noida

Phone No: +91 7728953702

3. ABL Workspaces – Sector 8, Noida

Located in the populous city, Noida, sector 8 nearby sector 15 metro station and sector 8 bus stop. ABL Coworking space is a fully furnished and designed workspace for a wide range of businesses where you can share energy, thoughts and space. This advanced work community is outfitted with an awesome interior, wooden furnishings, comfy seats, nice lightings, and so on.

Visit: ABL Workspaces – Sector 8, Noida

Phone No: +91 84484 40755

4. Synergi Coworking Space,Noida

We are a bunch of experienced entrepreneurs with IIT – IIM background. We bring a lot of events and mentors to help you and your venture grow.We also know it is hard for MSMEs to create a office culture, here we again chip in to help your employees engaged with various services of office. We attend to your problems and connect you with many professional, experienced and renowned mentors to help you out in your journey to grow.

Visit: Synergi Coworking Space, Noida

Phone No: +91 84484 40755

5. North Star Business Centres, Noida

North Star Business Centres offer Smart & Flexible Office spaces, Coworking space for Start-ups, Freelancers and Enterprise Clients in Sector-5, Noida. This space comes with many good advantages like workspaces as per the seating requirement, location advantages, 24*7 accessibility, complete customization and much more. It’s near to the Noida Sector 15 Metro Station and has good connectivity via Public Transport.

Visit: North Star Business Centres, Noida

Phone No: +91 98100 72759

6. Go4Office, Noida

Go4Office, Noida is one of the coworking spaces that gives 24*7 access to its members to increase their work productivity. It offers Virtual Offices, Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Fixed Desks and Private Offices with state of the art amenities.

Visit: Go4Office, Noida

Phone No: +91 87000 02131

7. Coregano, Noida

Whether you are an innovative startup , business at growing phase or a thriving corporate Coregano is a community of all.Coregano has a modern and flexibly shaped space to suit your unique needs. After a deacde in the service industry we have come across how an idea needs support, what works and what doesn’t work in a startup, what is crucial to owners of businesses in terms of having a space which could act as a support system and add productivity to business.

Visit: Coregano, Noida

Phone No: +91 88510 65337, +91 12042 31116

8. xSpaces,Noida

XSpaces is a coworking space especially for Small Businesses, Startups and Freelancers on Sector-8 Noida. It provides Dedicated Desks, Private Offices, Personal Cabins and Virtual Offices. If you get bored, you can also chill and relax in the lounge area.

Visit: xSpaces,Noida

Phone No: +91 999 9054 085

9. Aspirelabs Accelerator,Noida

Aspirelabs Accelerator is a premium coworking space located in Sector-1 Noida. It is the best choice for startups and early businesses, along with the coworking space, it also facilitates one to one interaction with mentors to accelerate your business. This centre offers all state of the art amenities like Breakout Areas, High-Speed Wi-Fi, AV Enabled Meeting Rooms, 24*7 – Professional Security, Power Backup, Storage Units and close proximity to Noida Sector-15 Metro Station.

Visit: Aspirelabs Accelerator,Noida

Phone No: +91 88266 36677

10. Incuspaze – The Corenthum,Noida

Fully Managed office space for enterprise requirements, located in The Corenthum, Sector 62, Noida. 50,000+ Sq Ft office space with 800+ seats. Premium office for rent in Sector 62, Noida. Enterprise workspace solution in Noida, Sector 62, next to Noida metro station.

Visit: Incuspaze

Phone No: +91 99306 62621

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