Ashkan Fattahi talks about the impact of music on the poker game

It is indeed a rare case in the world to become expert in two different fields, however, Ashkan Fattahi follows poker games as well as his music career.

Therefore, he can be very good reference to tell us about the influence of music on the results of a poker match. So, let dive into this matter.

Many assume that listening to music while working or studying considerably impacts the output quality. This idea presumably could be a consequence of the Mozart Effect or a rise in spatial performance level after spending attention to the music of Mozart.

But several specialists discussed this and rather suggested that the positive impact is probable because of the mood that someone is in at the time of listening to the music and, thus, the actual implementation of a task. This concept has developed to become the mood and arousal effect.

Ashkan claims that some pieces of music can alter a person’s behavior, feeling, and mood, where arousal effects can explain why. Some music can indeed stimulate a particular memory.

This could be beneficial when it involves poker. He added: “Some poker partakers argue that a piece of specific music can help them remember a hand they need to prevail or make a mistake, enabling them to perform an improved judgment during a match. Music has an unexplainable influence.”

Some believe that taking note of music while doing a task is destructive. It drives people to multitask and thus diminishes performance in achieving their desired goal.

A recent study revealed that multitasking severely affects the flexibility to recognize several scraps of knowledge. Fattahi said, listening while accomplishing tasks had a bit damaging impact on remembering. Ultimately, the researchers figured out that songs could distract people but not as much as noisy chatters or annoying sounds.

So, poker partakers would benefit from hearing music while gambling in an exceeding tournament. “Rather than muting all the varying noise in the same card room, taking music notes would enable them to focus more on what is important,” Ashkan said.

Experts acknowledge that the type of music spells an immense difference in whether you can keep focused on your hand. Some noisy music is a distraction, especially after you miss what the dealer or your rival says.





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