Ali Hasani

Taking care of the original sound from the language of Ali Hasani:

The most important thing in singing is that the exercises you do for singing do not damage your larynx, that is, take care of your original voice.

+ Air influence

In very dry and hot weather and very cold weather, you should not practice singing.

Because the vocal cords are out of their natural state and you should not put pressure on them.

+ Shouting

You should not shout because the effect of shouting will remain for several hours in the form of hoarseness. For normal people, this congestion caused by shouting may last two to three days, but for someone who sings, this effect is more destructive.

+ A note on sound maintenance

Never try to return it to the previous state by training and pressure due to hoarseness. The best thing is to rest and not read. Even if you whisper and read softly, it is also harmful.






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