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 DJ Nucleya casually admitted that he was “lazy” when asked if it was fashionable or convenient to wear shorts at a concert. DJ was in Mumbai for the final performance of the tour. He wore orange shorts in his pants, in contrast to others who wore extravagant costumes. Nukureya, meanwhile, has taken a break from touring in recent years, admitting that it has made him “lost touch with reality.” “I wasn’t on tour, but I was with people who gave me a different perspective on the world out there. I lost touch with my creative self.” ’” he says. Then you start not believing in yourself anymore. You follow the intuition of others. It’s like releasing music that you’re not 100% sure of. But people say it’s a problem. And when it goes wrong, you lose a little bit of confidence in yourself. ” 

 Known for hits like Bass Rani (2015), the 42-year-old hasn’t hesitated not to release music in recent years due to his “burnout.” “Emotionally it was a turbulent stage in my life. When there is a disconnect with the emotional self it manifests itself in  physical health. Jo log aap se pyaar baatna chahte hai, aap unse pyaar baat nahi pate kyunki aap ka mann kahi aur laga hua hai.For the last 3 to 3.5 years. , I have not released any music. And my fans often ask me to release something. (But) it becomes difficult to explain. Hotel hopping, wandering the streets, sleeping in taxis—these are just a few of the reasons he’s burned out. “Unhealthy life. Aap successful he nahi ho rahe ho, aap unhealthy ho rahe ho. I don’t want to make music I’m going to  make an album honestly because it’s mostly Banana Chatta Hung, not because of the number of viewers or whatever,” he concludes.

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