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House of the Dragon episode 2 starts with a time jump, a storytelling strategy that will persist throughout season 1 and above to bridge the gap between it and its sequel series Game of Thrones. The foremost two episodes of House of the Dragon take location just under 200 years before the beginning of the original series and chronicle the origin of the end of House Targaryen’s rule over Westeros. The series gathers up with the crowning of King Viserys I Targaryen and the following search for his next heir that guides to difficulties with his daughter and brother, Rhaenyra Targaryen and Daemon Targaryen.

Why House Of The Dragon Requires So Many Time leapsWhereas GOT Did not

With the time leaps only evolving larger in both size and amount, the question threatens over why House of the Dragon needs them in the foremost place when its sequel didn’t. The solution is simple: House of the Dragon takes place across a much more expansive spread of time than Game of Thrones’ timeline did. Game of Thrones takes place across an inaccurate seven-year period, with the circumstances of each season following on from something that is mostly offered in the show itself.

While the identical will likely be valid for House of the Dragon, with each season affecting the next, the timeline in which these possibilities take place is much more comprehensive. The prevalence of circumstances that are key to the overarching account of the dramatization takes place over a long period of time, with possibilities shown in episode 1’s preamble from around 100AC affecting other things shown over 10 years later in the same episode, for example. With House of the Dragon hoped to top in the Dance of Dragons, a Targaryen courteous war that takes place around 130AC, occasions from the thirty years previous to this are what provide the bulk of characters’ reasons, rivalries, and emotions that pinnacle in said war, presenting House of the Dragon’s dependence on time jumps as a narrative strategy.

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