Emerging social activist turning heads to make society commendable – Piyush


The backbone of any country is lying in its people’s wellness and goodness. India is a country with diversified culture and rituals. Here People belong to many communities. Every community is having their rights. One such Activist is Piyush. He is a Social Activist & a budding influencer. He belong to tribal community. Piyush have been working on ground level to uplift his community & hiseducation level. He have founded a students union on his own to fight for the rights of his tribal community as well as for other communities Students.

Regardless of focussing only on one community peoplesright, He also work for the other communities peoples rights. He actively participate in social welfare activitiesaround every corner of the country. He work to maintain peace and harmony in the society .

Besides Piyush have completed his schooling from Dronacharya public school Raipur & wend on to do BSC in higher education from 2019-22  and now he is currentlypersuing MA in English .

He has achieved a lot past years & His main motive is to become a civil servant.





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