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House of the Dragon booted off with a relatively violent episode and managed to leave the audience delighted about bringing back to the planet of Westeros with the Targaryen family. The Game of Thrones prequel which has already been renewed for a second season will have its episodes unleashed weekly and the second episode of the dramatization aired just on August 29. The responses persisted to remain positive for the second episode pleasingly.
While Matt Smith’s Daemon Targaryen appeared to have been the most amazing in the debut episode, the second one offers a chance to his other co-star Milly Alcock as well to recompense more for the personality of Princess Rhaenyra who gets some important scenes in the new episode. With the dragons living in one of the most exciting parts of the GOT cosmos, the new episode briefly saw their glances as well.

After the premiere, many fanatics had asked about the missing theme song of the dramatization, and unexpected for them, the original theme of Game of Thrones replaces this dramatization as well. The opening credits series perfectly adds up to the book that they offer is based on, George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood and it’s this blood that we see operating via King’s Landing.
As for fan responses, netizens were further delighted to hear the Game of Thrones theme music again. Also, Twitter users were optimistic about the passage that the account has been handling in the prequel. Milly Alcock’s Princess Rhaenyrs also acquired a lot of recognition.

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