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 Just because Ryan Reynolds recommended a small Indian restaurant, the restaurant was flooded with reservations. Ryan had praised the restaurant for serving “the best Indian food in Europe.” Ryan  recently played in  National League Football when he was in charge of club Wrexham AFC. During the visit, he took to his Instagram Stories on Saturday night to discuss an Indian restaurant called Light Of India, where the actor shared a flyer with his Curry House in the port town of Chezire in Ellesmere, England, It says “Best Indian food in Europe”. 

 After Ryan’s simple but powerful recommendation, restaurant reservations quickly skyrocketed. It was later revealed that owner Rajia Rahman and her husband, who were on duty at the restaurant over the weekend, did not remember serving the actor’s food nor were they sure  the food was ordered  home.

Son Char Rahman revealed that he first learned about Ryan’s visit  when the actor posted a review on Instagram.  and even said he wanted to name the meal after the actor’s famous character, Deadpool. He said: ‘We’ve been very busy since then. That’s great publicity for us. I want to  get in touch with Ryan right now to see if we can name a dish in his honor, Deadpool maybe his masala. ”

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