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Episode 1 of House of the Dragon flowed on 21 August 2022 and directly destroyed all records, evolving into the most viewed HBO TV show. People worldwide went gaga when the prequel to Game of Thrones was informed. You can only guess their excitement when the foremost episode eventually came out. No wonder House of the Dragon shattered the internet, hummed constantly on social media, and constructed history by evolving the most-viewed TV sequence with over 9 million viewers.

There really is no better way for the fans to demonstrate their ample love to the head, cast, and crew. However, amidst all the festivity, there are people asking if this sister sequence is worth all the worth – did it honor the Game of Thrones heritage?

House of the Dragon synopsis/plot

King Viserys Targaryen hosts a celebratory contest to announce the birth of his second child – a boy, an heir – but the small comfort that must come forth is favorably short-lived, as the baby dies the very following day. The lords of Westeros then conclude in a Great Council meeting to select and elect an heir to follow Targaryen I, whose wife died delivering birth and has no living kids. Later on, we see Princess Rhaenyra including her uncle Daemon Targaryen around to the Red Keep. We won’t provide the full spoiler here!!

 Did it prevail as a prequel to Game of Thrones?

The story of this outbreak is set 200 years before any or all of the possibilities that are illustrated in the series, Game of Thrones. Now, the individuals who have observed the episode declare that there definitely are a few things that work in favor of keeping the above-mentioned sequence, like the dragons, presentation quality, top-notch arrangements, well-put characters, and dramatic sex and death locations. So, the answer to the question, if this sequence succeeded as a prequel to Game of Thrones, actually is 50-50 – yes and no. Also, it is too momentarily to remark.

Now, we understand it’s difficult to contend with such a powerful storyline, routines, and everything else, but it’s just the preferable episode. We hope the future episodes will take us on a wild, gorgeous, and interesting journey!!

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