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 Ryan Reynolds has reiterated his admiration for Ranveer Singh. The Hollywood actor said  he wanted to sneak into his DMs (private messages) on Ranveer like many other actors in India. Ryan and Ramveer even joked on the internet  after the latter provided the voice of the former character in the Hindi dubbed version of Deadpool 2. 

 Ryan recently teamed up with and partnered with Rob McElhenney on the Disney+ Hotstar series Welcome to Wrexham, looking to take over for his club Wrexham AFC in National League Football. Your journey as a business his partner originally started with the DM.  In a recent interview with India Today, Ryan and Rob were asked the names of Indian actors they would like to join their DMs. Rob said  he would not name his wife Kaitlyn Olson as she has also seen the interview, but Ryan quickly mentioned Ranveer Singh for me.Ryan said “Ranveer Singh for me” and Rob said “He’ll either be India’s Ryan Reynolds or he won’t, or vice versa.” According to  India Today’s report, Ryan also said  about breaking into his DMs for Ranveer: 

 In early 2018, Ranveer tagged Ryan in a tweet after lending his voice to the Hindi version of Deadpool 2, referring to the actor as his fellow Canadian. He wrote: “It’s amazing that I won more effectively than my Canadian colleague @VancityReynolds. I never imagined how fulfilling and challenging the dirty Hindi language could be. #Deadpool2Hindi,” Ryan  replied, “If you swear in Hindi,  there will almost certainly be an international incident.”

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