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 His BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook traveled to Seoul while participating in the variety show ‘Run BTS’ Special Episode-Telepathy Part 2′. In Tuesday’s final episode, the members were kidnapped separately to start a telepathic game. In the first round, we had to find each other’s places. RM, Jin, Jimin and V met in the first dorm. Suga went to the Han River. J-Hope went to Olympic Stadium and Jungkook went to Lotte World.  During the episode, the members visited the dormitory room, ate ice cream, went to a certain restaurant, and took a walk near  the dormitory. and V) and the banana incident (when Jungkook noticed the fruit was missing from the fruit basket ARMY gave him). angry, threw him a banana  and said, “You eat everything”).

Taking a walk near his dorm, RM recalled how the members used to walk down the street every day in the early days of their careers.He also recalled how he and V were spotted eating ice cream. was shared. Recalling the exact location, RM said: I picked up an ice cream cone and stuffed it in my pocket. He  asked us where we were going and we just said ‘back to  the dormitory’. The ice cream  in my pocket had melted, but I didn’t want to waste it. So I took it off and ate it again. ” 

 While RM and Jimin took a walk, Jin and V enjoyed jjajangmyeon (Korean noodle dish). Suga was sitting in the car in front of a restaurant that the members had previously visited. The members tried to locate each other while driving around the city. In the second round, Jungkook joined his RM, Jin, Jimin and V. Suga also ran into J-Hope near his old dormitory and shouted “my friend” from his car.  

 The video ended with everyone getting together for lunch while the members discussed  what to do next. RM suggested “gather middle-aged guys from the neighborhood and play 7-7 volleyball.” Jungkook suggested learning the game Sepak Takraw, Jin asked about farming,  Suga asked about racing Jimin said, “I want to try pole dancing.” RM said, “Though it suits you.” The video ended with V silly remarking, “Keep BTS  running.”

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