Automotive industry innovations and trends in 2022

A lot today revolves around visionary ideas, the execution of the same, and most importantly, combining them with modern-day technologies. Among the many industries thriving on these ideas and technological advancements, it is the automotive industry making great innovations, especially since the past decade, where it has launched some of the most happening and elite launches across top luxury car brands that have astounded people worldwide.

Like every year, the industry comes forward not just with new launches but also with many innovations it makes. In 2022 too, these innovations have remained much sought-after. A certain survey carried out shows how this year, information-centric technologies are playing a pivotal role in brightening the future of the sector, where the industry has been adopting newer technologies on a wide scale like AI and so much more.

Below are given a few top automotive innovations and trends.

  • Connectivity for vehicles: It is common now that many vehicles today come with a tamper-proof digital identity differentiating them from others in the network, which enables easy vehicular data tracking for multiple use cases like driver safety, insurance, fleet management, etc. Hence, companies have been developing vehicle connectivity solutions enabling them to easily connect data with other V2V vehicles, public infrastructure (V2I), an electric vehicle grid (V2G), and with emerging ways to utilise vehicle data (V2X).
  • Autonomous Vehicles (AVs): This helps in minimising the needs of human drivers leading to the transformation of everyday transportation. Fleets of AVs help in reducing downtime and also make public transportation safer, where AVs are equipped with advanced recognition technologies like AI-enhanced computer vision for identifying hurdles and obstacles along the path.
  • Electric mobility solutions: The increase in greenhouse gas emissions worldwide has encouraged startups to come up with electric mobility solutions, and for greater adoption, EVs need to find solutions for poor battery, higher prices, fleet electrification, powering renewable energy-based charging grids, etc.

More and more automotive startups and brands are now implementing complex AI solutions and are coming up with autonomous mobility solutions to continue pushing forward the growth of the automobile industry worldwide.

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