Tamil rocker star Arun Vijay says he saw ‘people lose their lives’ after their film was leaked  – Casey Weekly


 Arun Vijay has acted in many films during his decades-long career in Tamil cinema. So it wasn’t clear at the time to switch to his web series. But the actor recently made his OTT debut in Tamil Rockerz, which premiered on SonyLiv last Friday.The actor says the combination of directorship and concept  convinced him to make the switch.Hindustan In an interview with The Times, Arun discusses piracy involving the notorious Tamil Rockers group and two threats cinemas face from piracy and streaming platforms.  Tamil Rockers tells the story of a well-known group of cyber hackers planning the release of the most anticipated Tamil movie of the year while police officer ACP Rudra (Arun) tries to hunt them down.

Arun Vijay’s character disliked the film and found it difficult to accept. “It was hard for me to say the words ‘I don’t like the movie,’” he laughs, adding, “But it’s a character and you have to play it. It’s very well written and Finally Rudra comes  to appreciate the movie and it was interesting to show this process. He changes slowly and realizes how much effort it takes to make a movie. I think it’s also the feeling that the viewer is watching. ” 

 When Tamir’s Rockers trailer  was released on his YouTube earlier this month, there was a semi-joking comment  that the series itself would be leaked online. Arun recalls saying: But  once they see the series, I’m sure whoever wrote this will come back and remove it. 

 Tamil Rockers is he one of the first Tamil OTT shows to reach an audience across the country like Southern Cinema. Arun called this a sign that the language barrier was blurring, saying, “Good content is widely embraced. Everything has become global, emotions are the same. People are ready for it. It’s good for actors like us because it has a wider reach and  can overlap. We can work in the North and people from there can work with us. It is amazing. The language barrier is gradually disappearing. ”

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