Victoria Leanna Emerges As One of The Most Sought-After Musician And Singer In The Current American Music Scenario


Enough has been spoken about how several individuals have exceeded beyond boundaries in order to reach their highest potential and become their best versions in all that they have chosen to lay their hands on. Still, it feels much more discussions are needed around them for the world to know their genius and excellence. It is more than essential today to highlight the successes of few of these incredibly talented beings as they go ahead in infusing more hope, positivity, and inspiration in others. We saw how Victoria Leanna did the same with the success she achieved with each of her singles, raising the bar for others as a high-performing singer, musician, and music artist from the US.

Victoria Leanna stands tall and unique as one of those rare talented beings who, with their relentless drive and passion, never leave a stone unturned in creating massive growth for the music realm with the mesmerizing music and songs they create. The Northern California talent who graduated from UC Berkeley later moved to LA to pursue her dreams in acting and music and then, after three years, moved to NY.

It was in 2016 that Victoria Leanne came up with her debut album Love Is Everything, with producer and artist Shalom Melchizedek and their single Let It Go, which earned much appreciation in the NY area. In 2020, she came up with a cover of The Box and Ring My Bell, and later her original single Trust My Body and Je Ne Sais Quoi with Shalom Melchizedek. Apart from these, she has given soulful tracks like Goddess Time, Body To Body, Am a Goddess, Ain’t Nobody, Island, Return to Love, and most recently Paradise with Shalom.

She has been now working on releasing three additional singles very soon with Shalom titled Mind Reader, Solar Fire, and Burna. Her second album is also on the way, and people can expect an excellent combination of Dance, RnB, and Amapiano records.

Stay tuned to know more and till then, listen to her tracks on Spotify and follow her on Instagram @victorialeanna_.





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