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A hilarious new Stranger Things fan modification sees one of the show’s most iconic points get a crossover with Beetlejuice. The first cast on Netflix in 2016, Stranger Things has since evolved into one of the streaming service’s most famous shows. The Duffer brothers’ hit fiction show most recently completed season 4, which was a blow to both audiences and critics. The show is anticipated to return for a series-ending season 5, ending the stories of Eleven.

This latest edit isn’t the first time Stranger Things and Beetlejuice have traveled paths, however, season 3 of the hit Netflix dramatization even features a fine Easter egg to Beetlejuice’s tomb. The connection between the two possessions goes more in-depth than that, however, with the Duffer Brothers just acknowledging that, if the performance were to move beyond 1988 in its timeline, a story hole would be completed, in the sense that the personalities in the show would remember Ryder from the movie. While the crossover amendment doesn’t touch on this feature, it does totally change the tone of Max’s out scene from one of anxiety and dread to one that’s decidedly more carefree and silly.

It stays to be noticed what year Stranger Things season 5 will take a position in and whether any story logic concerns with Beetlejuice‘s release will arrive into play, but for now, the crossover edit is a suitable example of just how interconnected the dramatization is to hit 1980s belongings. While the show is usually very weighty in tone, the Beetlejuice edit demonstrates just how fast a background can become laughable when the more positive piece is used and wackier features are presented. Max eventually makes it via the edited mind lair scene untouched, but another Beetlejuice improvement for her reflected point at the end of Stranger Things season 4 would definitely make her eventual destiny less gruesome to monitor.

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