FBI reopening inquiry into Brad Pitt post incendiary Angelina Jolie reports – Casey Weekly


Brangelina’s divorce fight gets more chaotic by the day! After an incendiary report of the FBI’s examination into Brad Pitt in 2016 was dismissed publically, a friend of the Oscar winner thinks the federal agency will not reopen the examination. For the unversed, Angelina Jolie proclaimed to the FBI that Brad Pitt left her injured after drunkenly pushing her onboard a private jet – four days before Jolie pointed for divorce in September 2016 – which left their six children overly upset.

The authority reported that The statute of boundaries is way gone and they have seen all the details at hand. There is frivolity new here. At the time they believed all of Angelina’s allegations and didn’t bring any charges, before counting, The FBI examined the incident thoroughly, there is zero possibility of them reopening the case. This is all a concerted action to smear Brad. The friend further stated that Angelina Jolie’s claims about Brad Pitt were presented in at least two extra-legal contexts. One was the apparent happening on the airplane and the other was during the long charge trial.

While in one, no directions were obtained, in the other, Brad was awarded 50/50 custody of their minor children. According to the source, this is “a six-year long drive by Angelina to deny Brad, and that it’s really just her interpretation of events, which she argues happened These lawsuits were raised in the captivity hearing and the judge clearly didn’t believe her, otherwise Brad would never have been granted joint control.

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