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 Even before it was released on Disney + Hotstar, Marvel’s latest superhero series, his She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, has been reviewed on most major platforms. A lot of people don’t seem too happy with his CGI. Or maybe it’s because of the tone or  the fact that the female super he’s a hero. Ironically, She-Hulk takes the same sexist stereotypes and makes fun of them in a profane way, making it his best MCU show of the year. 

 Essentially, She-Hulk isn’t even a superhero his show. It’s a show about a superhero dealing with real-life issues due to the recent upheaval in her life. Realizing that his power is both a gift and a curse, he must live as a celebrity. It is not a new premise. Mr. Marvel, the show in front of Damn Marvel, is very similar. But to deal with it, she lifts the crowd. And in a very good way. 

She-Hulk introduces  the concept of destroying the fourth wall in the universe of Marvel Cinematic, which was learned in shows such as FLEABAG and DeadPool movies. KAT Coiro, the director of  the show, did not waste the time reminiscent of She-Hulk’s Most Before comic last week. She is OG’s fourth wall breaker. And when Jen does it on the show, it makes for some of the funniest moments.Is CG bad? Of course it does, but it’s not just She-Hulk.  CGI has been significantly underperforming in the latest Marvel productions and even multi-million dollar movies like Doctor Strange and Spider-Man.

This has to do with the VFX department of Marvel Studios’ Sweatshop Shop Shop and has nothing to do with the show  itself. But eventually we learn to overlook it. Questions were raised about the show’s tone  and how Marvel dilutes the seriousness of the MCU’s stakes  with these lighter shows. That’s not the case with all Marvel shows. All She-Hulks have WandaVision. It feels like Marvel Studios is trying to find a place in every niche, every genre of content so that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has something for everyone. And  as long as the content is good, that’s fine, it’s She-Hulk.Whether it’s feminist or not, don’t watch the show. Just because it’s really good and worth watching at least once before you  hate it.

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