Loki’s Owen Wilson has been snubbed ‘multiple times’ by Marvel for sharing spoilers  – Casey Weekly


 Marvel Studios is very strict about keeping plots secret in their titles, so when it comes to spoilers, the  actors and crew  are kept tight-lipped. Still, many (see Tom Hiddleston) are notorious for accidentally sharing plot points in interviews. Owen Wilson, who plays the lead role in Marvel’s show Loki, has  revealed that he himself has been scolded several times by  Marvel officials. 

 Loki is his series spin-off based on his eponymous anti-hero from the Thor and Avengers films. Owen Wilson appears as Moebius M. Mobius, a Time Zone Agency (TVA) agent that Loki encounters when fleeing the Avengers following the events of Avengers: Endgame. The first season of the show will premiere in 2021, and filming for the second season is underway. 

In a recent interview with comicbook.com, Owen was asked if his character would make his dream of owning a jet ski alluded to in season one come true. He replied: “Well, I guess so, let’s see how this goes. They’re so nervous they’re embarrassed right away.” When asked, the actor replied, “Yes, many times.” 

 Discussing the secrets surrounding the show, Owen said: That’s all. The fandom is extremely enthusiastic and Marvel is determined to surprise people. So you kind of go in… you’re definitely  walking on eggshells. I don’t know exactly so did it happen in episode 3, 4 or 1 or have we seen it already? There is a tendency to say that 

 The show is filming in London, and photos of Tom and his co-star Sofia Di his Martino have surfaced online. Sophia plays Sylvia, the female “variant” of Loki. The season will premiere on Disney+ Hotstar in India  in mid-2023.

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