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 Actor couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were spotted together in public for the first time since the Oscar-slapped series earlier this year, with multiple fans following his account in Nobu, Malibu. I shared an image of the duo exiting the building. In the photo, Will showed a peace sign and smiled  at the paparazzi stationed in front of the building as Jada walked behind him but she grabbed him by the waist. 

 For going out, I wear a navy blue T-shirt, matching pants, a hat, and white sneakers. Jada chose a black shirt and pants and tied the shirt around her waist.She wore black sneakers. A video of the couple was shared on Twitter by her fans. 

  Will recently apologized to Chris, saying  his behavior was “unacceptable” and  reached out to the comedian to discuss the incident, but was told Chris wasn’t ready. There is no part of me that thinks  was the correct behavior. I am deeply self-reflecting and I try to reflect without ashaming myself,” Will said in a video posted to Instagram last month. ‘s Tony Locke, saying, “I had no idea how many people were hurt in that moment,” and said his wife had done nothing to encourage his slapping. There was no relationship. I chose myself. ” 

 After the altercation, the Motion Picture Academy banned Will from attending the Oscars and other Academy events for ten years.  I was wrong,” he said.

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