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 Johnny Depp fans were stunned when the actor’s lookalike was spotted attending a religious ceremony in Iran.Videos of the man were seen attending a festival in Tabriz, Iran. It was taken when I was The  video reportedly first  appeared on TikTok before being shared on other platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, and many social media users speculated that Johnny’s lookalike had the actor’s signature hair and beard. He said that he was surprised to see that he was growing 

 According to local media, the man’s name is Amin Saleth and he is a professional model. Amin’s Instagram is filled with pics of him channeling his inner Johnny Depp,  sporting an actor-like darker hue in some pics. The striking resemblance between him and Johnny has also sparked fan theories online, with some wondering if the actor left Hollywood following a defamation case with ex-wife Amber Heard. An Iranian fan  wrote on Twitter, “Johnny, what are you doing here?”  

 In a widely circulated video, Amin Saleth can be seen wearing Johnny’s signature hairstyle and beard, as well as dark sunglasses while attending the ceremony. You have your own Johnny Depp,” one Twitter user  commented on the video. Meanwhile, an Instagram page believed to be owned by Amin Saleth was flooded with comments saying he looked like Johnny. . In most of the photos shared on his account, which has over 23,000 followers, he seems to have a similar style to Johnny. According to some reports, Amin Saleth’s resemblance to Johnny landed him several gigs at a local agency. Meanwhile, Johnny recently signed a seven-figure deal  as an ambassador for Christian Dior’s Cologne his Sauvage. The actor is busy with Jeanne du His Barry, who portrayed Louis XV. embody. Directed by Maiwenn, this French film marks his return to acting after a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

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