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In a new discussion, Zendaya teases Euphoria season 3 might take place behind the high school and conveys her appeal in a time leap on the HBO show. Zendaya shares her views on seeing Euphoria personalities out of high school in season 3. The hit HBO sequence that gained the actress an Emmy Award appreciated a hugely victorious season 2 run earlier this year, obtaining record-breaking viewership digits for the network and 16 Emmy nominations. Each episode also carried with it a whirlwind on social media, generating a frenzy with viral Tweets, TikToks, and Reddit posts exploring the show. Euphoria follows Rue, a teenager toiling with obsession, along with her high school classmates, and engages themes of household abuse, sexuality, identity, and mental health issues. Written by showrunner Sam Levinson, Euphoria features a chorus cast.

During a discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, Zendaya conveys her thoughts on seeing Euphoria’s personalities after they’ve aged out of high school. Apparently, Zendaya coordinates with some fans in that it would be thrilling to see them move on from their teenage stage, and how the characters are tackling the real world. she said that I think it’ll be thrilling to explore the personalities out of high school. I want to see what Rue glimpses like in her sincere journey, and how messy that might look. But also with all the personalities, in the sense where they’re trying to figure out what to do with their lives when high school is over and what kind of individuals they want to be.

It seems Zendaya is on board with the post-high school vision and would like to see the personalities more grown-up than in prior seasons. Regarding fans who have only seen them during their constructive years, it would be compelling to see just how much Euphoria‘s personalities have (or haven’t) grown up since high school. Season 2 saw significant character arcs for the likes of fan-favorites Maddy (Demie) and Lexi (Apatow), but some, including Jules (Schafer) and Cassie (Sweeney), have a while to go before saving themselves. In addition, Rue has had to face her obsession while staying at the residence, so it could deliver a whole new set of problems for her once she chooses to dive into life on her own.

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