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After Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson evolved one of the most prominent points of Stranger Things’ fourth season despite being presented in the same season, fans have stood wondering whether the conclusive one will also be counting new personalities to the show. It has already been authorized by the makers that Season 5 will be the last one and just the show’s developers, Matt and Ross Duffer told regarding what fans can anticipate from it.

Considering how several fans griped about the main personalities of the show such as Jonathan Byers recreated by Charlie Heaton appeared ignored in the fourth season, it seems like the creators have considered about not presenting new characters to the show in the series finale. Speaking about the same, Ross Duffer told IndieWire, We’re doing our finest to oppose [adding new characters] for Season 5. We’re attempting not to do that so we can concentrate on the OG personalities, I guess.

In the past, we have witnessed how the Duffer brothers have presented new characters every season who have gone on to make a powerful impact, for example, Sadie Sink’s Max Mayfield emerged in the second season whereas Maya Hawke was presented as Robin in Stranger Things 3. As for the fourth season, it spun out to be a bittersweet voyage as we met Quinn’s Eddie Munson in Volume 1 and had to bid goodbye to him in the Volume 2 finale.
Among other items that have been hinted at almost Season 5 so far, the show’s developers have also said that the episodes will be more straightforward than those of the fourth season but the conclusion will be like a quality film.

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