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While Steve Rogers has accomplished everything in his capacity to withhold the standards of Captain America and be the truest sign for everything right and just not just in the United States, but almost the world as well, his before involvement with the Avengers demonstrates that he actually doesn’t stand for the best performance of American matters and therefore shouldn’t be permitted to call himself Captain America at all.

Steve Rogers aka Captain America evolved into the star-spangled Super-Soldier after he volunteered for a practical treatment that vowed to make him America’s ideal soldier against the Nazis during World War II. While Steve’s initial physicality wasn’t perfect for a strapping warrior, his heart more than created up for what his body lacked, and the Super Soldier Serum would fast fix that special issue anyway. Basically, Steve’s soul was pure and his sense was strong, making him the perfect contender for the Super Soldier Program despite his smaller-than-setting physique–though once he entered the Avengers as Captain America, Steve seemingly lost that wide-eyed love of the American dream and actually exhibited just a smidge of tyranny.

When the authentic Avengers left the group and discovered their reserves, they left Captain America in demand as he was the only one with the appropriate knowledge, plus he was required to prepare the beginners who were insanely simple in the ways of professional super-heroism. However, as time went on, the new Avengers became seasoned icons and earned the opportunity to sit in the captain’s chair on a few of the tasks–but Captain America consistently declined to renounce his title.

This formed some profound conflict between the team members, with tensions particularly high between Hawkeye and Captain America, which were inner concerns within the team that could have been quickly fixed if Captain America had just used the actual Avengers’ methods of administration, but he was obviously just too relaxed as the unchallenged leader.

The sarcasm of a superhero named Captain America directly being accountable for stripping the Avengers of its democracy is hilariously fitting, though it totally goes against everything Captain America is considered to stand for–meaning that Steve Rogers shouldn’t be Captain America at all, and his term on the Avengers confirms it.

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