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 Blackpink is just around the corner! The girl group is ready to celebrate their comeback with a new album slated for September.Of course, with new content waiting to be released, BLINK can’t contain their excitement and anticipation. With the album  out next month, the band plans to release a pre-release track, Pink Venom, by then, so the wait isn’t too bad. Fans were  stunned at how gorgeous and stunning the girls looked as they posed seriously in the photos, dressed in pink outfits and new hairstyles and seemingly ready to blow everyone away.

Adding to the confusion, Blackpink is here with a second set of teaser photos for their upcoming track.  These images are more intense than the first. Lisa’s bangs, which looked choppy on the first set, are back. Nonetheless, her piercing eyes do all the work, while Jisoo has straight bangs, Rose flaunts  two-tone hair, and Jenny has her hair covered in a hoodie. I’m here.

Her outfit is dark and different from the previously released image.I have to say it fits the song title too well. Meanwhile, the pre-release of her track Pink Her Venom will be released on August 19th at 11:00 PM (9:30 AM KST). This will be followed by their second studio album BORN PINK, which will be released on September 16th. With two posters of her as varied as these, the band is now on everyone’s mind as to what they have in store. Fans can’t wait to see the music video for this song.

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