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It has been well over two years since the film 365 Days grabbed the concentration of Netflix fans all over the world and now the third movie in the trilogy, The Next 365 Days, is coming on Netflix. Based on a trio of bestselling novels from Polish writer Blanka Lipińska, the mafia romance discovered a whole new audience while individuals existed in lockdown. Although the pandemic hindered the presentation of the second movie in the series, 365 Days: This Day, it eventually came earlier this year and now the final branch in the story has come. 

What is release date of The Next 365 Days?

The Next 365 Days arrives on Netflix on August 19, 2022, in the US and Poland. While we wish that the film also be released in the UK on the same date, it hasn’t been verified. As soon as we know, we’ll have that details known. 365 Days, the first film in the erotic thriller trilogy began on Netflix in February 2020 and the sequel, 365 Days: This Day, arrived in April 2022. 

What is the cast of The Next 365 Days?

Since 365 Days: This Day is completed in a bit of a cliffhanger, we can only make hypotheses about which cast components will bear for The Next 365 Days.

Established on the four minutes of the movie that Netflix released in late July, it looks like we can safely declare that Michele Morrone yields as Don Massimo, Anna-Maria Sieklucka is back as Laura, and Magdalena Lamparska repeats her position as Olga. 

What are The Next 365 Days about?

Netflix hasn’t emitted a summary of the third movie yet, but here’s what happened in the second movie, 365 Days: This Day, to give you a concept of where the third movie begins:

As the wife of Don Massimo Torricelli, one of the most difficult Mafia leaders in Sicily, Laura’s dynamism is a roller coaster. She is constantly at risk, the possible target of Massimo’s evil opponents who will stop at frivolity to conquer the powerful man. And when Laura is extremely injured in an attack, pregnant, and battling to survive, Massimo encounters the toughest conclusion of his life. What will his vitality be without Laura? Will he be able to grow their kid alone? What will the future of his home be, and whose 365 days may arrive to a close?”

Is The Next 365 Days movie having a trailer?

Netflix blessed fans with a trailer for The Next 365 Days and it has each and everything you could wish to see plugged into it. Netflix emitted the first four minutes of the film, disclosing Massimo’s uneasy interaction at a graveyard after the demise of his twin brother. 

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