Kim Kardashian is raging after Kanye West, once again started mocking Pete Davidson after their Breakup – Casey Weekly


Kim Kardashian is sore that Kanye West is already prompting fun at Pete Davidson amid news of The Kardashians star’s detachment from the comedian. Kanye tired no time teasing Kim and Pete’s breakup by posting up a fake obit for “Skete Davidson” early Monday morning. The post seemed to be the absolute blow Kanye allocated out to Pete after distressing the comedian on Instagram before this year. Kanye’s attacks on Pete only worsened the wedge between Kim and her ex-husband.

Kanye spent weeks yelling about Kim and Pete on Instagram in the wake of Kim whetting to become lawfully single. With Pete standing as the first, and so far superior, man to catch Kim’s concentration following her divorce, the Saturday Night Live alum evolved into Kanye’s main prey. Kanye made up the name Skete and urged his die-hard fans to mock Pete with Kimye’s forever comments anytime they caught him. Things escalated when Pete reached Kanye during one of his Instagram invectives to get him to see how fortunate he was to have Kim as the mama of his juniors. The discussion led to a wild interaction where Pete bragged about being in bed with Kanye’s wifey. Kanye was relieved on the Instagram rants after he got excluded from the forum for 24 hours.

Now to add a cherry on top, Kanye reignited his rivalry with Pete after knowing about the separation. If fans thought Kim was engraved by Kanye’s low impact, they can think again. The SKIMS founder is reportedly furious at Kanye for torturing her ex-boyfriend online and apparently made him delete the murky post. Kim is livid and incredibly upset, a reference told Page Six. Kim believes Kanye is back to his old ways, and she’s setting her foot down now before something goes too far. Kim will not accept his bullying behavior toward the people she loves and cares about, the insider explained.

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