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 On Sunday, singer Justin Bieber apologized to  social media users who made inappropriate comments on Instagram. She Justin was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome last month. 

 Justin said he had previously posted a rude comment on someone’s Instagram post and realized he shouldn’t have written such a thing. I publicly apologized to an unidentified Instagram user for this. He wrote: “For some reason I commented on one man’s page as ‘sad being’ because he was doing something I thought was stupid. Why should I  write this?” I don’t really know how I felt. If what he did makes him happy, who am I to say something to? I’m sorry to whom I wrote. ” 

 Justin recently resumed his tour of Justice and his World after recent health issues and  is currently in Norway. He performed in Norway on Sunday as part of his European tour. The singer will  visit India soon. He is  set to perform in New Delhi on October 18th as  part of Justice’s world tour. He will perform at Jawaharlal his Nehru stadium in New Delhi on the above date. Concert tickets  are live now  and start at Rs 4,000. Justin documented his own facial paralysis in an Instagram video, telling fans that he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. “As you can see, its eyes aren’t blinking. I can’t smile on this side. Those nostrils don’t move, so that side of my face is completely paralyzed,” he said in the video. rice field.

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