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Fans on TikTok are making theories regarding Eddie Munson’s fortune on Stranger Things, especially if we’ll see the personality once again in Season 5. A Stranger Things season 4 fan hypothesis assumes that Eddie Munson sporting Max’s Michael Myers show means that he too will be restored in season 5.

The Netflix show released Vol. 2 of its fourth season on July 1. In the ninth and final episode, precious metalhead Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) sorrowed a miserable fate on screen when he surrendered himself — following an epic Metallica solo to protect Hawkins and his companions. He seemed to extinction in Dustin’s arms in the Upside Down after being struck by a pack of inhuman Demobats.

A weird fan approach for Stranger Things season 4 indicates that since Eddie Munson was sporting the Michael Myers mask, he won’t remain lifeless for good. While Stranger Things’ on-screen casualties have so far never set up a whole revival in the next season, spectators are holding out hope that fan-favorite personality Eddie Munson’s fate won’t stay endless. 

Then, @jadenbricker stated that the show paid homage to the spectacle idol numerous times in the show and that The Shape’s existence might be a hint at revival.

For instance, Eddie Munson sported Michael’s mask in one set in Season 4’s penultimate spell. Another personality who wore the mask? Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink), passed on screen but came back to life in the final outbreak. Now, some lovers are traversing their fingers that the exact thing could occur for their beloved character Eddie Munson in Season 5.

The first direct comparison between Vecna and the traditional villain Michael Myers arrives from Eddie Munson’s uncle in his discussion with Nancy. While he calls Henry’s father, Victor Creel, the Bogeyman, the nature of the comparison is guides to Vecna, who was the true offender behind the eyeball murders. With so many straight and subtle connections to A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween, season 4 situated Vecna as both Stranger ThingsFreddy Krueger and its Michael Myers.

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