Taiwan and India are at the forefront of authoritarian expansion, Taipei ambassador says   – Casey Weekly


 China’s current preoccupation with both sides of the strait does not mean China will slow down its interest in the Indian Ocean, with both Taiwan and India at the forefront of authoritarian expansion, Taipei facts Ambassador Baushuan Ger said on Thursday. 

 In an exclusive interview, Ger said other free and law-abiding countries would suffer in the long run if China downplayed its democratic principles and ignored flagrant violations of international law. 

 Spokeswoman Pelosi noted during his visit to Taiwan: “The United States is unwavering in its determination to maintain democracy here in Taiwan and around the world.” 

 “Democracy dies in the dark,” is the Washington Post’s slogan. Of course, democracy thrives only in broad daylight. In the face of China’s constant economic coercion and military threats against Taiwan, if China downplays democratic principles and ignores blatant violations of international law, or other democratic nations remain silent. If it chooses to defend, not only Taiwan  but  other free and law-abiding nations will suffer. The same goes for countries in the long run. Some commentators believe that China’s dedication to the Taiwan Strait and  South China Sea will reduce its interest in the Indian Ocean, perhaps making India more confident in maintaining its current peace with China. I’m sorry, but I cannot agree with you. She recalls 2020 when conflict erupted in the Galwan Valley  on the  border of India and China. Certainly not at a time when China was  more or less preoccupied with its eastern flank.

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