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Despite all the major casting changes for the upcoming  Sex Education season 4, Ncuti Gatwa will be back. Gatwa stars as the lovable Eric Effiong in the hit Netflix web series show which follows a group of teenagers at the fictional Moordale Secondary School as they steer their sex life and Relationships. From sexuality to friendship and love. Sex Education has gotten very positive reviews from audiences and critics alike for mentioning important topics and calling attention to diverse experiences for young adults. Gatwa’s Eric is the best friend of protagonist Otis (Asa Butterfield) and is as of the end of season 3, the ex-boyfriend of Adam who is also gay.

Despite a successful season 3, Sex Education has seen many actors make known they are leaving from the series incoming season 4. This list also includes Patricia Allison, Tanya Reynolds, Simone Ashley, and Rakhee Thakkar, who stars as Emily Sands, the school’s most loving English teacher, who also makes his public blare that she is exiting Sex Education season 4. With so many departures from the series behind some have just started to admire if Gatwa could join again. Gatwa is assured to take on his biggest role yet as he has been cast as the nominal Doctor for the next season of the Doctor Who TV Series. That upcoming announcement of the cast has some doubt on whether he would be able to make his way in Sex Education season 4.

Nevertheless, a busy schedule won’t keep Gatwa away from Sex Education as from the report by Variety The star is almost confirmed to return in season 4. The new season, which has yet to begin to shoot will work around Ncuti Gatwa’s many upcoming projects to make sure that he can redo his role as Eric. It is criticized harshly to begin production this downfall.

The news of Ncuti Gatwa’s return should put fans in no trouble as Eric’s Sex Education story doesn’t feel utter yet. The season 3 finale saw Eric break Adam’s heart as he admit to kissing another boy, meanwhile the pair had faced problems regarding their relationship under the surface before he confessed to cheating. Although there are so many fans who would like to see the duo on Sex Education season 4 and how they two back together this also presents a chance for Eric and Adam to grow as an individual. Ncuti Gatwa’s return for the coming episodes verifies Eric will correctly deal with the outgrowth of his breakup and cheating. This is a very positive evolution of Sex Education had Ncuti Gatwa’s unpleasant viewers, fans and critics wouldn’t have received much closing down on this forepart.

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