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Dev Patel enhanced to become a real-life hero as records disclose that he attempt to stop a violent quarrel that broke out outside a supermarket in Adelaide, Australia. As announced by 7News about the whole scenario a man and a woman were fighting in the street and a supermarket when the man was pricked He is expected to survive after the incident.

As per a report by Variety Dev Patel’s action to stop the violent fight was confirmed by his team who said Dev Patel reacted on his natural affinity to try and handle the situation and stop the fight. The group was fortunately lucky in doing so and they continue on-site to make sure that the police and in the end the ambulance come

The declaration further also eminent how the coverage received for the incident due to Dev Patel’s action can be an impetus for change saying that There are no heroes in this situation and sadly this specific incident highlights a larger systemic issue of marginalized members of society not being treated with the nobility and respect they deserve.” The team also mentioned that the hope is that such incidents receive attention irrespective of the times when personalities where everyone’s eyes suddenly catch such as the actor are involved.

As for the incident, it has been reported that the injured man was taken to a hospital with no sewer injuries whereas the woman was arrested at the scene and has been charged with being caught up in assault causing harm. The violent incident in front of people by The Green Knight star reportedly happened on the 1st of August.

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