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Justin Bieber spends jolly daybreak with his family in a new post on Instagram. It’s happy daylight for the Bieber home. On Wednesday, the pop spectacle Justin Bieber took to Instagram and broadcasted a snap of himself and his wife Hailey Bieber laying on a mattress with their Yorkshire Terrier pet puppy Esther. On July 31st, Biber got on the route once again taking a month-long break from his Justice world tour after acquiring diagnosed with the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

The Sorry singer publicized a charming selfie with his family in bed as he captioned his upload, GOOD MORNING FROM THE BIEBER FAMILY. After a long month of mourning from his state that left one side of his face paralyzed, Bieber is fetching back to being happy again. After continuing his tour which was indefinitely delayed after he was diagnosed, Justin is getting back on the path. 

Over the weekend, Justin was caught giving a special performance at the Lucca Summer Festival in Italy as he resumed his tour. To show how proud she was of her husband, Hailey took to Instagram and posted a clip of Bieber enacting on stage while she captioned her story, One thing I know for confidence is you can’t keep this guy down…

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber too was dazzled at the concert and spoke directly to his fans from the stage, Guys I want to say thank you so much for holding me back. This is my first day back. He went on, It’s so pleasing to be here. As some of you guys know, the ‘Justice Tour’ is about parity. It’s about fairness for all. No matter what you dart-like, no matter your shape, your size, your nationality. We’re all the same, we’re all one. We know that racism is wrong. We know that division is wrong. It is wrong. But we are here to be the distinction makers, and I want to say thank you to each and every one of you guys for being a part of this excursion tonight.

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