Amber Heard lost $50 million over Johnny Depp allegations, says her team  – Casey Weekly


  American news outlets have revealed that a feud with ex-husband Johnny Depp allegedly cost Amber Heard well over $10 million. Her lawsuit relates to 6,000 pages. As more court documents were recently unsealed, shocking details of her high-profile lawsuit were revealed. 

 According to a new report, Amber Heard’s team found in  pre-trial documents  that she lost “$47 million to $50 million”  over “three to five years” as a result of Johnny’s defamatory remarks against her. The Daily Beast also claimed that  by refusing to accept the money Johnny Depp made from his fifth film, Pirates of the Caribbean, Amber had suffered “tens of millions of dollars.” I said I left. Her sequel was filmed during Johnny and Amber’s marriage and became “communal property”, giving her the right to receive half of her income.

The portal also revealed to the judge that Amber’s team may have created a copy of her that Johnny’s team may have made, including nude photos of Amber, previous relationships, and even anything that could indicate that she was an escort. It reported that it asked not to  include evidence from “unrelated personal matters.” It finally ended on June 1 when a jury awarded Johnny $10.35 million in damages. In her counterclaim, Amber won her one of  three defamation lawsuits and was awarded $2 million in damages. Her motion to overturn the verdict that one of her jurors was falsely identified was denied by the court. Johnny, on the other hand, has already achieved great success. His art debut, called Friends and Heroes, his  collection  sold out in hours on his gallery’s website in London on Thursday, earning millions of dollars, ANI reports. increase. He  also appears in  French historical films.

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