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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have reportedly been in steady contact despite their long-distance association.
If you’ve been wondering why Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s PDA-filled images aren’t reaching your Instagram timeline, it’s because the mates have been working their long-distance connection amid heated work schedules. The pair have been in other countries since the previous month as the comic is filming his forthcoming movie Wizards! in Australia.

While Kim Kardashian did supervise making a miniature pit stop in Australia to consume time with Pete over a weekend, the SKIMS founder has been back in Los Angeles with her youngsters. Despite the long distance, it appears Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have been performing out their connection pretty well and according to a reference who reported E!, the couple is going powerful.
Demonstrating how the pair have worked to keep their long-distance relationship constant, the source added, The stretch hasn’t been an issue for Kim and Pete’s relationship while he’s been away filming. When they are separated, they are in constant contact, and they FaceTime invariably and are always getting quick phone calls in when they can.

The source additionally also reported that Kim is still smitten by Davidson and that he drives her day by causing her to laugh whenever they talk. It appears after covering up his filming in Australia, Pete will soon visit LA to expend time with his girlfriend. In the meantime, fans have been excited to see Davidson on the double season of The Kardashians. The new season is all set to unleash on September 22 and the trailer of the same was discharged last month.

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