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 Brad Pitt recently raised some eyebrows when he appeared in a skirt at the premiere of his upcoming movie, Bullet Train. Two weeks ago, at his Berlin premiere of the action-adventure film, Brad appeared on his carpet in red in his knee-length skirt and boots with a loose-fitting linen shirt and jacket. Despite being controversial for this unusual outfit choice, Brad has remained mum about it until now.At the film’s recent premiere in Los Angeles, Brad opened up about why she chose this outfit. 

 At the  Los Angeles premiere of Shinkansen, the all-star cast  joined  other Hollywood celebrities on the pink carpet. Speaking to Variety on the pink carpet, Brad talked about his rock choices in Berlin. No! We’re all going to die, so let’s screw it up,” he said with a shrug. 

  At the event, Brad also referenced his recent comments about his “retirement” plans, saying  his comments were misunderstood. “Now that I’m past middle age, I want to be specific about how I’m spending these last things. Whatever it is. I’m feeling just right in the day.

In stages, Brad has referred to this stage of his acting career as “the last semester or semester,” fueling retirement rumors. However, before retiring, Brad would appear on screen in David Leitch’s Shinkansen.Based on the Japanese novel Maria Beetle, the film also features Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Brian. Also starring Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon, Benito A. Martinez Ocasio, and Sandra Bullock. The film follows five  assassins aboard a Shinkansen bullet train between Tokyo and Kyoto as they discover that their missions may be related and something more sinister is underway. increase. Bullet Tiger will be released on August 4th.

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