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Beyonce set to change her music Heated’s verses after accepting scorching backlash from fans.

Beyonce is quick to react to recent backlash on her latest fired album Renaissance. On Monday, Queen Bey’s representatives said in a report that the artist will modify the complicated lyric in her Heated. The song where the vocalist uses the demeaning term “sp*z” will be substituted after fans and activists online boosted the issue of the term being ableist.

In the news, per People, Beyonce’s representatives said that The term, not used deliberately in a destructive way, will be substituted. The use of the term in the song was condemned by many disability activists and anointed disappointing which led to the Single Ladies vocalist reanalyzing her lyrics in the song and finally deciding to remove it completely.

Beyonce’s reaction arrives after chart-topping singer Lizzo terminated the exact phrase from her single GRRRLS in June.

Lizzo at the time handled the subject and noted in her announcement that It’s been carried to my awareness that there is a dangerous term in my latest song ‘GRRRLS.’ Let me make one thing apparent, I never want to encourage demeaning terminology. She went on to count that As a fat Black female in America, I’ve had many nasty comments used against me so I overstand the authority words can hold (whether purposely or in my case, unintentionally). She persisted, that I’m scornful to say there’s a new performance of GRRRLS with a lyric transformation. This is the result of me attending and taking a move. As a significant artist, I’m committed to being part of the transformation I’ve been staying to see in the world.

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