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While some holdout expectancies for his retrieval in season 5, this Stranger Things fan sign pictures a probable spinoff sequel around Eddie Munson.

Stranger Things fan poster visualizes what an Eddie Munson spinoff sequence could glance like. Stranger Things preferably premiered on Netflix in July of 2016 and has back extended to evolve into one of Netflix’s most famous sequences of all time. Season 4 debuted to tremendous viewership before this year, with Netflix announcing that, in the first week of season 4 volume 1’s release, Stranger Things garnered a record-breaking 7.2 billion minutes considered. Part 2 came in close rearward, with 5.9 billion minutes being considered.

One of the highlights of season 4 was the intro of Joseph Quinn’s crazy personality, Eddie Munson. Eddie fast evolved into a fan favorite for his charm, his commitment to his companions, and his passion for ’80s metal, The Lord of the Rings, and Dungeons & Dragons. Fans were shattered to see Eddie extinguished by demo bats in season 4’s finale outbreak, with many plot ideas instantly jumping up about how Eddie could still make a rejoicing return in season 5. Stranger Things fans’ passion for Eddie is unpaired by any other supportive personality in the performance thus far and has zoomed Quinn to celebrity.

In a fan-made poster published to Instagram, samuel_cheve rises what an Eddie Munson Stranger Things spinoff sequence could look like. With Eddie Munson front-and-center in the photo, the sign seems to show him in the Upside Down, enlightened by the red lightning that was so unique in his Metallica guitar row. With Quinn’s name decorating the top, the title Eddie the Banished is penned in Stranger Things-specific font, and the base of the sign teases the 2023 outdate on Netflix.

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