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Joseph Quinn star of stranger things made an impact on fans and make them impressed with his performance/Acting as Eddie Munson in the fourth season of the show. The actor especially got everyone discussing the finale episode thanks to his electric guitar solo of Metallica’s Master of Puppets in it. After collecting praises from Metallica(Singer Of the Band) for it the actor recently joined the Death Metal band backstage at Lollapalooza.

In a video posted by Netflix on Instagram and Twitter, just a few hours before taking the stage at the music festival, Metallica met up with the British actor Joseph Quinn whose metalhead(Death Metal Music Lover) character Eddie Munson has grown a massive interest for song of the band 1986 classic Master of Puppets during season four of the Netflix sci-fi series Stanger Things.

In the video posted by Netflix Metallica Singer James Hetfield exchanged a word with Quinn about being a fan of the show he also added I am a big fan of Stranger Things. Have been since season one. I feel very attached to you guys in a certain way.

Video also showcased Quinn joining the band for a practice and jamming session of the same song. Joseph Quinn was also seen playing the heavy track alongside Hetfield and guitarist Kirk Hammett, with drummer Lars Ulrich giving them a beat. Ulrich later also joked friskily adding We would like to make a statement that Metallica is now a five-piece guy Hammett also said, You’re hired for the job as a boy band member to the Stranger Things star after being influenced by his electric guitar skills

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