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 Former Philippine President Fidel His Valdes His Ramos, a US-educated former general who was active in the Korean and Vietnam Wars and played a key role in his 1986 pro-democracy movement that overthrew the dictator died on Sunday. he was 94 years old. Legazpi said some of Ramos’ relatives were  at the Makati Medical Center in Metro Manila at the time of his death, adding that the family will release a statement about his death later on Sunday. 

A longtime congressman and son of the Secretary of State, Ramos graduated from the  Military Academy at West Point in 1950. He fights private military engineers. “He was an icon. We lost a hero and I lost a father,” said Legazpi, a former Philippine Air Force who served as the main staff of Ramos for about 15 years. Angeles expressed his condolences to the Ramos family. “He left a brilliant legacy and a safe place in history by participating in the major changes in our country as a military officer and CEO,” she said in a statement. Known for his bright “win-win” outlook, attention to detail,  thumbs-up sign, and firm handshake, Ramos was president from 1992 to 1998 and is a symbol of democracy in Corazon Aquino.

He served as president as his successor. She was elected president in 1986 after the military-backed, mostly peaceful “People Power” rebellion overthrew Ramos’ cousin dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Following the failure of the coup, Philippine police chief Ramos and Defense Minister Juan Ponce withdrew support for Enrile Marcos, followed by a riot that heralded a  change in authoritarian governments around the world.

Roman Catholic Cardinal Jaime Sin then called on Filipinos to surround and protect the military and police camps in the metropolitan area where the North Korean defectors and their troops were trapped, with Marcos, his family and associates finally. Led to a major government defector who had driven into US asylum. After Aquino became president, Ramos became Secretary of Defense and later Secretary of Defense, successfully protecting the Secretary of Defense from several violent coup attempts.

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