Johnny Depp sells his art collection for a whopping £ 29m.  – Casey Weekly


Johnny Depp has sold his collection  and rock icon prints at a British gallery for around £ 3m (£ 29m) through his chain. Johnny wrote on Instagram  that  prints will be sold online at Castle Fine Art, which operates a network of galleries in the UK. The gallery  also shared a photo of Johnny working on Bob Dylan’s paintings. The actor  shared his photo  with  his Instagram handle artwork. In the background is a painting of Bob Dylan, the late actress Elizabeth Taylor, actor Al Pacino, and Rolling Stone’s Keith Richards. One fan commented: We are very pleased that you have decided to share your work. You are really talented. Another said: “Johnny you are versatile.” I’m very proud of you. “One fan joked,” Take a picture of Amber Heard crying in court. ” ..

The British gallery  also shared a photo of Johnny working on Bob Dylan’s paintings. The captions are as follows: “The wait is finally over! We are pleased to announce  the addition of acclaimed actor, musician and artist #JohnnyDepp to Castle FineArt.

This exciting new collection, titled Friends & Heroes, includes people he knew well and It’s a testament to the people who  inspired him as a person. ” 

 The gallery later tweeted: “# JohnnyDepp broke the internet! By Thursday evening, all prints were marked” out of stock “. There were 780 works of art. The purchaser paid £ 14,950 (£ 14.40) for a set of all four framed prints, or £ 3,950 (£ 3.8) for a single print.  Last month, Johnny won a defamation proceeding against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Johnny won $ 10 million in the proceedings, but after her counterclaim she won $ 2 million in damages. Amber is suing the jury’s verdict. The jury’s verdict  was broadcast live to millions over a six-week period, containing ridiculous and intimate details about the personal life of the ex-husband and wife.

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