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 When catching up with Zoom Call after midnight, Jamie Campbell Bower, with a soft tone, was very different from the menacing screen persona of Vecna, the big villain of Stranger Things 4, “I often turn upside down. I will take it on. ” A 33-year-old British actor, artist, and musician mistakenly finds himself acting as an adversary on the  screen and is often referred to  by pop culture franchises as “going to the villain.” “I take it,” he laughs. 

From playing the powerful Volturi vampire Kaius in The Twilight Saga to playing the young Grindelwald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,  he replayed in his second spin-off, Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald’s Crime. , Jamie’s character was excellent in the shadow of malice. But Jamie is confused by Vecna’s fandom. “There is still a part that is confusing to me, there is something called” Vecna’s thirst “, which is equally confusing and annoying to me. But I was very impressed with its reach and how people love the show. It’s great and I feel blessed to be part of it, “says Jamie.

When Jamie’s Vecna ​​manipulates the minds of  Hawkins inhabitants-enjoying their inner turmoil and tearing their bones for crimes against humanity-in the fourth season of Netflix’s sci-fi horror drama-no other actors Admit that there is no challenge to immerse yourself in the universe of Vecna. From  horror movie posters, A Nightmare on Elm Street, buying Hellraiser dolls, to  watching horror movies and rereading the script, he did everything he could to get into the character of Vekna. 

 As an artist, he adds that he finds his creative expression by exploring the dark side. “We all seek truth and beauty equally, but darkness provides me with a lot of truth and tranquility. It’s okay to take advantage of darkness. There is nothing to fear.”

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