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 In 2016, British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding went on stage to perform at her wedding in Udaipur, Rajasthan. But she regrets that she couldn’t explore her country very much at this time, so she is doing her best to make her visit to India  soon.  The Grammy-nominated singer has nostalgic memories. “First of all, I want to spend a little more time in India. She was so sad that she couldn’t play longer than herself,” she says, Golding, who released a song called Easy Lover two years later. The singer continues. “Unfortunately, when I was there,  I wasn’t doing very well. I think I got the flu.

So I couldn’t record as much as I expected. But I included the one in the huge lake. I remember seeing all those beautiful palaces. It was amazingly beautiful. ” With hits such as “Love Me Like You Do,” “Light,” “Starry Id,” and “Anything Could Happen,” Golding wants to come back to rewrite new memories of the country. I think. “I’m glad I came again. I know  a lot of people are influenced by Indian music, and it’s really special, unique and beautiful. It’s really to spend more time in India I think it will be a life-changing experience, “she says.  The singer is sad that she still couldn’t meet her fans in person in India.

“I want to meet the fans. I couldn’t meet them in person unless they came here. I really want to make this happen. I’ll be honest and soon,” he promises. Her first foray into Golding’s music began with increasing her self-confidence. After entering the industry in her early twenties, she struck the right note and said, “When I recorded this song, I was out for a long time, so I thought my voice was definitely a little different. Greg Kurstin I remember Kirstin (producer) saying, “I didn’t know your voice was so hoarse.” But I feel  that this song can be expressed with my own voice … It’s a timeless song. I wrote it five years ago and I can see myself writing this song, “she says. I celebrate myself more as a pop writer. “

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