London School of Barbering Announces JJ Savani As International Ambassador Team Lead


In a newly created role and team which seeks to accelerate London School of Barbering’s International presence by building on its current global reputation for world-class education and creative inspiration, JJ Savani will play a pivotal role in the development of educational programs and artistic directions for other Ambassador members. He will also be instrumental in the formation of new programs to continually develop the creative and editorial talents of LSB’s audience of creators.

As one of the UK’s most recognisable and respected men’s stylists, JJ Savani’s technical hair cutting skills have positioned him as one of the industry’s most inspiring barbers, men’s stylists and educators.

A multi-award-winning stylist spanning barbering and men’s hairdressing, JJ Savani’s work on editorial photoshoots and collection photography, and the relationship between hairstyling, fashion and the visual presentation of technical cuts, has seen his creativity extend into a signature Editorial style. As passionate about Education as he is about hairstyling, both are approached and revered in equal measure with his work appearing on the covers and in the pages of international trade and consumer magazines, on the catwalks, online and across social media.

According to the London School of Barbering Management Team , it’s JJ Savani’s multi-faceted skills base, creative vision, technical precision and stage craft both as a hair artist and educator that led to the creation of this new role. “We’re so delighted to be partnering with JJ Savani as we continue to expand our outreach to barbers and stylists around the world, especially since he is a past student of ours.

We pride ourselves in providing world-class educational programs and inspiration that provide the road map to a successful career! JJ Savani will be working closely with our other internationally renowned educators, including Kipkhi– A West London Based Stylist  – to merge all strands of our educator network into a global vision that empowers barbers and stylists to express their individuality, maximise their creative talents and exceed their artistic potential through hair and editorial imagery.

For JJ Savani, joining London School of Barbering will always be close to my heart. Unlike ambassadorships that hinge on commercial arrangements alone, JJ Savani has long-held a deep rooted respect for LSB and was determined to work with the brand from the outset after graduating years back. “Very early in my career I got the opportunity to work on the London School of Barbering as guest judge then as an educator as my first full time teaching role before leaving to pursue my won brand. From that moment I was passionate about LSB and I was always intent on working with them again in the future For me there was never an alternative to LSB; I’ve waited a long time for this to come to fruition.

Now I’ve reached this point in my career and have so many achievements and accolades, the timing and the type of position couldn’t be more perfect. I look forward to working with all the LSB Team and the remaining global ambassadors to elevate LSB’s brand appeal and educational resource base, as well as highlighting the precision and performance of its industry-leading graduates.

JJ Savani officially joined London School of Barbering’s Ambassador programme on July 1st 2022.





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