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 Jason Momoa, best known for  starring  in Aquaman and Game of Thrones, is reportedly involved in a head-on collision between his car and  motorcycle in California. In  the video of the scene, you can see a popular actor  walking back in his car after the incident. No one was reportedly injured and  no indictment was filed. 

The accident was reportedly happened on Sunday when the actor was sitting in his car near the Calabasas area of ​​California. According to TMZ reports, his car came into contact with a motorcycle coming from the other side while both vehicles were turning a corner of the road. Jason was reportedly driving a car.  A video accessed by TMZ shows Jason walking back into the car, but you can see a rescuer taking care of an injured biker behind him.

 The report further stated that despite the head-on collision, no one was seriously injured and neither party would be prosecuted because they believed that no one was responsible for the accident. Motorcyclists were reportedly taken to the hospital “with minor injuries, such as bruising  their feet and injuring their thumbs.” Jason was last seen in a supporting role in the science fiction epic Dune released last year.

 He will then appear on the screen of Slumberland, a live-action version of Slumberland’s comic  series Little Nemo. In 2023, Jason will appear in two major film series. He  first replays his role as Aquaman aka Arthur Curry in the DCEU film. A few months later, he plays a villain in Fast X. This is the latest installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise and will face Vin Diesel directly.

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