Marvel brings a huge delight to their fans with Ant-Man 3 release dates, Captain America 4, and two more Avengers movies – Casey Weekly


Marvel Studios revealed its getaway dates for approaching projects including Ant-Man 3, Captain America 4, also fresh films that will come in phase 6.

The Comic-Con 2022 revealed some major statements from Marvel as the getaway plan for the studio’s phase 5 was disclosed. Along with fresh films were brought for phase 6 which contained Fantastic 4 as well as two fresh upcoming Avengers movies. Comic-Con discoursed the studio’s plans ahead and what fans will be witnessing ahead from MCU.

On the other hand for Phase 5 Marvel also revealed next year’s getaway slate at the occasion.
Marvel dropped some major reports including that phase 6 will finish with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty which will arrive May 2, 2025, heeded by another Avengers movie Avengers: Secret Wars.

Also, MCU has made huge commitments that Phase 6 will finish with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty which will hit the cinemas on 2nd May 2025. This movie will be heeded by another Avengers movie Avengers: Secret Wars plugging the theatres on 7th November 2025.
The fantastic Phase 5 of the Marvel universe will boot off with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on 17th February 2023. Meanwhile shows, Emilia Clarke’s Secret Invasion also hit the cinemas in 2023, and Loki Season 2 will unleash in Summer 2022.
May 3, 2024, has been declared for Anthony Mackie’s Captain America: New World Order. The release program also contains the Ironheart show which arrives on streaming service in fall 2023. Marvel has made his fans super excited with back-to-back films which will keep the fans hitched to their universe.

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