The Ring of Power trailer brings Sauron back to life.  – Casey Weekly


 The first detailed three-minute trailer for The Lord of the Rings’ next Amazon Prime Video spin-off was released on  Friday and Saturday at midnight. The show, titled The Lord of the Rings: Ring of Power, has  a huge budget of $ 1 billion  and is  touted as the best television or streaming series ever. The story takes place centuries before the event of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. 

The trailer, released after a panel discussion at the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con, gives a better look at the Second Age of Middle-earth, where the story takes place. The Ring of Power is inspired by JRR Tolkien’s work, but it tells a new story and is clearly not a “norm” in the larger Tolkien Bath. However, the trailer seemed to imply that the show wasn’t too far from the established LOTR franchise, as it gave a glimpse of the characters and objects already seen in movies and books. See what all the plans for The Rings of Power  bring  to the screen. 

Even casual followers of  LOTR folklore know  Sauron. He was a great evil in the original trilogy, but he was so weak that he existed only as an eye for all of the Kingdom of Mordor. However, the Ring of Power trailer suggests that Sauron is a living, breathing entity, perhaps far more powerful and menacing than  the film. The Hobbit film also gave a short glimpse of Sauron, but without his full power, only as a necromancer. The Ring of Power could indicate that the iconic villain first appeared on the screen physically. In The Road of the Power, Sauron is first seen in the form of a humanoid  as it inherits the identity of Anatal, also known as the Road of the Gift (played by Anson Boon).

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