Senorita Singer Camila Cabello reveals she tested Covid Positive with a Tick-Tok Dance – Casey Weekly


Camila Cabello The Havana singer recently tested positive for Covid 19 she reveals that on a social media platform on Tiktok she gave this news by herself and tells about how he feeling after she got positive and wrote I got ‘Rona on her shared video caption after that her video went viral and just a few minutes she got so much love and affection on her comments section her fans wish her the speedy recovery and some of her fans with her the Happy Isolation and give her so much strength and love though she needed most and although she also showed her positive attitude towards the whole situation.

This unique way of sharing her health update makes her fans happy that she’s doing well. In the video that she shared Tha Havana Singer uses Pitbull songs and seems to enjoy that song .

In that short video she’s showing all his medication routine and enjoying it in her way She wrote in the video if you got the and still gonna live it up in isolation make some f*ing noise beat this corona st she share this video not only Tiktok but also post on her Instagram account.

She got very good and positive comments from her fans one of her fans write I could never be this energetic when I was sick like this a user compliment her that she is a very high spirit woman and doing great in this time and have a great sense of humor.

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