when Kim Kardashian told Johnny Depp that he was “crazy.”  – Casey Weekly


 In her old interview, Kim Kardashian said  she was obsessed with actor Johnny Depp as a teenager. Kim  also said earlier that  her  sister Kourtney Kardashian fell in love with Johnny, but she liked Leonardo DiCaprio. 

 In a 2014  Australia Daily interview, Kim said: “As a teenager, I was hooked on Johnny Depp. I found him so hot. He was beautiful and had that bad boy line-especially he was Winona Ryder, and When I was with  Kate Moss. I liked watching the couple and wondering what  attracted them to each other.  I wasn’t generally interested in Bad Boys and not in Party Boys, but I  was definitely attracted to Johnny Depp physically. ” 

 But this wasn’t the first time  Kim had talked about Johnny. According to her 2014 Women First report, Kim said: I loved Johnny Depp, I was crazy about him, and she was really crazy about Leonardo DiCaprio, so I cut her out on the wall next to the Michael Jackson poster. So it wasn’t cool  to spend time with her sister, “she said. 

 When Kim commented, Johnny was dating Amber Heard at the time. They later tied the knot in 2015. Amber filed for divorce from Johnny on May 23, 2016 and obtained a detention order against him. She said Johnny  physically abused her through their relationship, and that  happened most often when he was high on drugs or alcohol. Johnny later filed a defamation proceeding against Amber and won it last month.  

 Kim married rapper Kanye West in 2014. They have four children-daughter north, son saint, daughter Chicago,  son poetry. Kim filed for divorce in February last year because of an irreconcilable difference. Their divorce was confirmed on March 2, when Kim was declared legally single. Kim will soon star in the Kardashian family, premiering on September 22, 2022

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